Meet: Ben Bauer!

Zach DornfeldThe People

This is Ben Bauer! Ben has been rafting with Minnesota Whitewater for 6 years. He enjoys rafting, kayaking, and showing people the river. Ben likes to learn and think about how and why the river is the way it is. When he’s not on the river Ben goes to college at UMD and you can reliably catch him at a … Read More

Meet: Blu Bong!

Zach DornfeldThe People

Blu Bong Rafting

Hey Everyone! I’m Blu Bong, and my life has been playing in and on H2O. From a very young age until now, I have been energized by H2O. My life has ebbed and flowed like the rivers I run in the spring and summer. For me, I was lucky to be born in northern Minnesota with all the ways we … Read More