Not So Fine Print

Minimize risk while having the best experience

(OK, so here is the fine and not so fine print)

This info is based upon years of experience and reflects our ongoing effort at minimizing the risk of the sport and providing for you the most pleasant, most exciting, and safest trip possible.

Please call (218) 522-4446 or email us at with any questions. Our desire is to make this one of the most fun, safe, & memorable outdoor adventures you’ve ever had.

OUR TRIPS RUN RAIN OR SHINE. You’ll get wet anyway. You’ll stay warm if you follow our advice on clothing–see “What to Bring”. If necessary, you can always opt to rent a wet suit to ensure your comfort.
Trips may be canceled by management due to health threatening weather or water conditions. Within 7 days of your trip for individuals or small groups and 2 weeks for large groups your commitment is non-refundable. We will work with you and your group to reschedule during the same season should a non-refundable cancellation occur. We always reserve the right to cancel due to safety concerns, extreme high or low river conditions, or low attendance. If we do cancel, we are not responsible for costs incurred other than reimbursement of rafting fees and, of course, you’ll receive an immediate refund or an opportunity to reschedule.

RESERVATIONS Can be made at any time, up to a year in advance. Or, you can choose to call us at any time, even at the last minute to see if we have room. We often, but not always, have room for last minute additions or reservations.

ANY QUESTIONS, or if we can assist you in planning an adventure that you and your friends will look forward to repeating again and again, please give us a call…we’ll take care of the rest (218) 522-4446

BRING WARM CLOTHES IN CASE OF COLD WEATHER Bring warm clothes regardless of what the conditions are at home. Weather can change suddenly and can be dramatically different in our area. Please come prepared for the worst conditions. You can stow your inclement weather gear in your car if it’s a warm day.

WEAR NO HEAVY COTTON ON THE RIVER. Heavy cotton clothing, including jeans, sweats or long underwear, cannot keep you warm when it gets wet – and you’re sure to get wet. To maximize your comfort, bring synthetic (fleece, rayon, polyester, nylon, etc.) or wool clothing, all of which insulate well when wet. The less cotton you wear the warmer and more comfortable you’ll be.

WE RENT WET SUITS – If you follow our advice on what to bring you should not need a wet suit except early in the season. We reserve the right to insist on wet suits and we’ll provide them free of charge for your safety, not just for your comfort. The decision to offer free wet suits is ours alone. Wet suits can be rented for $12.00 per full suit, or $6.00 per half suit (see “Rates” tab). Wet suits are available for rent when you check in for your trip, and are half price in September. If you have your own, it’s wise to always pack it just in case the weather turns against you. Under our wet suit, you should wear swim suits, synthetic long underwear or tights, or shorts & T-shirts.

GENERALLY NOTHING EXTRA IS ALLOWED ON RAFTS. Feel free to pack a lunch, water bottle, etc. however, we discourage bringing any of these things on the river with you. Great odds that you will wet, lose, or break such items, or they may create a hazard to you and others on the river. If you feel you must take anything on the raft with you, please consult with us before your trip.

ALCOHOL AND DRUGS ARE NOT PERMITTED. We reserve the right to, and we will, deny participation (without refund) to anyone who is not sober upon arrival or during our trip.

MUST BE IN REASONABLY GOOD HEALTH TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR RIVER TRIP. This is not an amusement park ride. For your safety and the safety of others in your raft and on your trip it is important that you be able to paddle strenuously against strong currents and into large waves while maintaining seated balance. (Sorry, we lost the seat-belts)

CANNOT be pregnant.

MUST be intellectually and emotionally mature enough to understand and to follow our advice.

MUST hear well and understand English very well. MINIMUM age is 11 years. Under NO circumstances will a child UNDER 11 YEARS OLD be allowed on our river trips.

EXCEPTIONS: If anyone in your group has any unique medical, physical, intellectual or psychological condition please CALL US with that information. We’ll make every effort to accommodate them. There are a few conditions which would disqualify a person from whitewater rafting trips. However, please call us regarding any unique condition as soon as possible to avoid the risk of arriving for your trip, only to be refused on the bank of the river.

Be sure to BRING ANY MEDICATION YOU MAY NEED on river. Please read our guideline, “WHO CAN GO RAFTING WITH US”. Minnesota Whitewater reserves the right to refuse participation in our river trips to any person, before or during a trip, in order to provide for the safety of that individual or others on the trip.
All participants, over the age of 18, MUST sign a liability release upon arrival as a condition of their participation in the trip. Also, all participants, ages 11 through 17, MUST provide on arrival, our PARENT OR GUARDIAN ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT AND RELEASE signed by their parent or court appointed legal guardian only. Minors will be refused participation in our trip without the signed, highly legible (if copies are made), Minor Release Form. Despite our superb safety record, it must be understood that there are inherent risks due to participation on a whitewater rafting trip. Minnesota Whitewater Rafting assumes no legal or financial responsibility for any participants’ personal safety or loss or damage to personal property.

Download our trip waivers:
Adult Waiver
Youth Waiver

Please be sure to arrive ½ hour prior to your trip start time to allow for check-in and preparation.